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 Services Offered:

  • Computerized Edge to Edge (E2E) Quilting on Gammill Statler Ascend:
      - Utilizing advanced technology for precise and efficient quilting.
      - All quotes are inclusive and include Hobbs 80/20 Batting, OMNI Superior thread and trimming.

  • Simple Design Pricing:
      - Rate: $0.03
     per square inch.
      - Example: 60 x 80 inches = 4800 square inches x $0.03 = $144
      - Least dense design with up to 5” of space between stitches, depending on the selected design.

  • Deluxe Design or Medium Density Request Pricing:
      - Rate: Starting at $0.035 
    per square inch.
      - Medium density includes up to 2.5 inches of space between stitches, depending on the selected design.

  • Add Backing:  $0.015 cents per square inch.

  • Quilting Prices Range:
      - Prices vary from $0.04 and up.
      - The variation depends on the level of detail and any custom requests for the quilting process.

"Spacious longarm quilting studio with professional quilting machines and fabric displays."

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