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What is Long Arm Machine Quilting?

  • Long arm machine quilting is a specialized technique within the realm of quilting that employs a unique type of sewing machine known as a "long arm quilting machine." Unlike traditional sewing machines, long arm machines are designed with an extended throat space and are mounted on a large, stationary frame. This configuration allows quilters to work on larger quilts with greater ease and precision. During the long arm quilting process, the layers of a quilt – the quilt top, batting, and backing – are meticulously stitched together using various quilting patterns and designs. Quilters can manually guide the machine to create intricate free-motion quilting or utilize computer-guided programs for automated precision. Long arm machine quilting not only secures the layers of a quilt but also adds an artistic and textural element that enhances the overall aesthetic of the finished piece, making it a popular choice for quilters seeking both efficiency and intricate design options.

  • This technique has revolutionized quilting by providing quilters, whether enthusiasts or professionals, with the means to create beautifully quilted projects more efficiently and with a wider range of creative possibilities. It allows for greater control and maneuverability, enabling quilters to explore various stitching techniques and designs that may be challenging to achieve using traditional sewing machines. Long arm machine quilting has become an integral part of modern quilting practices, contributing to the creation of visually stunning and expertly crafted quilts.

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Long arm quilting techniques
    Computerized Edge to Edge (E2E) quilting on Gammill Statler Ascend.  All quotes include Hobbs 80/20 Batting.
    Simple design .025 cents per square inch 60 x 80 inches = 4800 x .025 = $120
    This design is the least dense including up to 5” of space between stitches depending on the
    design selected.
    Deluxe design or medium density request .03 cents per square inch. Medium density is up to
    2.5 inches of space between stitches depending on the design selected.

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