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Explore our extensive collection of digital pantograph designs to find the perfect match for your quilt! Whether you're seeking a classic pattern or something more contemporary, we offer a range of options to suit every style. Can't decide? No problem! Our team is here to help guide you with recommendations tailored to your preferences.

Choosing a design can be daunting!  We want to make the process streamline and enjoyable.  Browse our design catalog and pick your top three.  Once we have your quilt top in studio, we can discuss the options more and make sure you are making a great choice!

Basic-Light Quilting

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E2E Design Catalog

Our basic designs have the least amount of quilting and are priced just slightly better than some more detailed designs.  Light quilting involves stitching that is spaced further apart, creating a delicate and airy texture that allows the quilt to drape gently. It's ideal for showcasing intricate patterns and detailed piecing without overwhelming the fabric.

Medium Quilting (most common)

E2E Design Catalog

Medium quilting strikes a balance between stability and flexibility, offering durability without sacrificing the quilt's drape and softness. It's suitable for a wide range of quilt designs and provides adequate support for the batting while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.42.39 AM.png

Dense- Semi- Custom Quilting

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E2E Design Catalog

Dense quilting offers heightened durability and texture, effectively securing the layers of the quilt together while creating intricate patterns and designs. However, it can make the quilt stiffer and may require more effort during the quilting process. Ultimately, the choice between medium and dense quilting depends on the intended use of the quilt and the desired aesthetic effect.  Many times our dense project involve some customization as well.

Want something different?

Browse Designers Online

Here are a few links to a few E2E Designers.  If we don't have want you like, we are happy to purchase a specific design for a minimal fee.

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